ReRing Kit Detailed Parts List

Part # 6632I4500
CNH 4.5 Liter Diesel Engine ReRing Kit includes:

(4) Rings Sets
Size Options: ( must match piston size )
Standard Piston Ring Size ( must match piston size )
0.40MM Oversize Piston Ring ( must match piston size )
0.80MM Oversize Piston Rings ( must match piston size )
(1) Connecting Rod Bearing Set
Size Options for:
Standard Connecting Rod Journals
0.25MM Undersize Connecting Rod Journals
0.50MM Undersize Connecting Rod Journals
0.75MM Undersize Connecting Rod Journals
1.00MM Undersize Connecting Rod Journals
(1) Main Bearing and Thrust Bearing Set
Size Options for:
Standard Main Journals
0.25MM Undersize Main Journals
0.50MM Undersize Main Journals
0.75MM Undersize Main Journals
1.00MM Undersize Main Journals
(1) Complete Engine Gasket and Seal Set
with Front Crankshaft Seal and Rear Crankshaft Seal
PART # 6632I4500/Ring Size/Rod Bearing Size/Main Bearing Size
Example: CNH 4.5 Engine ReRing Kit with all standard sizes
# 6632I4500/STD/STD/STD
Example: CNH 4.5 Engine ReRing Kit with standard rings and 0.25 bearings,
# 6632I4500/STD/0.25/0.25
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